We looked deeper into the human brain

Submitted by: HansonHouse Members

April 4, 2019

by Bob Norton Many of us only refer to the human brain as something you use to get what you want.   If we looked deeper into the human brain, we can see that it is an organ that requires nourishment,exercise and sleep.You may skate by in life, forming habits that let you sustain yourself on a minimal level.

Then comes the brick wall that you hit.  An unexpected life changing event happens that spins your life out of control. 

The common denominator that we have at Hanson House is a Traumatic Brain Injury.aka:: TBI. That is when there is a rapid acceleration / rapid deceleration of the braininside the skull.  Resulting in the tearing and shearing of the neurons within the skull that affectsour thought processes, vision and motor skills. [to mention a few]Hanson House provides learning skills to help you be aware of the human brain, after a TBI.Help support our Mission Statement that Hanson House has coined for the healing of such an injury. Our Mission Statement  is; To empower people with Traumatic Brain Injuries to enhance: Self Determination Personal growth Community involvement and service Independence and productivity

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